About us

Biotherm is a Polish manufacturer of bathroom radiators, which with extraordinary passion and commitment creates products that meet the expectations of those seeking both comfort and sophisticated style. Our offer includes not only radiators with practical applications, but also sublime decorative elements that transform any interior, giving it a unique, warm character.


Biotherm radiators are not only style, modernity and elegance, but also the highest quality semi-finished products, attention to detail and efficiency of the order process.



It takes up to 14 days from order to delivery.


Ordering process

You have the possibility of any configuration of the selected model and a very simple and fast system to place an order.


Quality materials

In the production of our radiators, we use the highest quality semi-finished products that ensure trouble-free operation for many years.

Class 3 radiators

Warranty 5 years

Our third-class radiators are the essence of reliability and practicality. Their traditional design and proven form are a guarantee of a reliable solution that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding users. With efficient heat distribution, these standard radiators provide thermal comfort in all conditions. Although they are simple in form, the variety of colors available make them easily fit into any interior, adding subtle charm.

Completed projects

This is how our high-end decorative radiators look at our customers’ sites. We enjoy the freedom to choose colors, sizes and connections that harmonize with the rest of the room.


“We have been working with the Sejwal 2 company that manufactures Biotherm radiators for more than a dozen years. Throughout this period, we have tested them in many respects. This is a company worth recommending.
Biotherm heaters are qualitatively very well made. They offer a wide selection of colors and professional advice. Turnaround time is quick The price is as affordable as possible. The long warranty is also a plus for the customer.”

Paweł P.P.U.H. “Szot”

“As for BIOTHERM radiators, we could not have chosen better. Large selection of design and modern design of radiators, everyone can choose something for themselves, especially since each radiator can have an individual color.
A very big advantage is the availability of radiators in individual color and size, they win decisively over the competition.
SEJWAL 2 – BIOTHERM is a very efficient and flexible supplier. A great advantage is the long and hassle-free warranty on radiators ( although there is practically no need to use it) and also resolving other issues related to radiators.”

Tomasz “JORAPOL”

“SEJWAL 2, which manufactures BIOTHERM radiators, puts a lot of effort into a very wide selection of its products and the highest global product quality. We have been using the offer of SEJWAL 2 – BIOTHERM Company for years, enjoying the satisfaction of our demanding customers. We highly recommend SEJWAL 2- BIOTHERM MIELEC!!!”

Paweł “IWENT”

“I recommend Biotherm radiators. Everyone will find something for themselves and match in terms of model and color. And above all, the price for such efficient heaters is very affordable!!!”

Honorata “Bosterm”
Nowy Tomyśl

“Our long-standing cooperation with Sejwal 2, which manufactures Biotherm radiators, has been exemplary. Delivery of the radiators is always fast, taking a few days after placing the order. The build quality of the radiators is very good. A wide selection of colors makes the customer happy because the radiator matches the interior. I strongly recommend Biotherm heaters.”

Tomasz “Salamon”

In order to provide you with a comprehensive service, we accept the most popular and secure payment methods, such as credit cards, PayU and many others. In addition, we work with the most trusted suppliers, which guarantees fast and hassle-free delivery of your orders.

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